Our Story

Well it all started with me having my own garden in 2011. I started growing my own collard greens, Swiss chard, Beets, Red spinach, okra, and green beans. Just about all the herbs mint, lemon thyme, basil all the good stuff we love to cook with. Right!

Even though gardening became therapeutic for me to handle life changes there became an abundance of Collard greens, Swiss chards and all these herbs. So much to the point I started selling my organic vegetables to friends, family coworkers, and church family members.

Later on my mom gets diagnosed with Uterine Cancer out of nowhere. She was a healthy 59 year old, full of life just came back from cruise and had symptoms.

You talk about shock! So as we are trying to figure out how could this happen. One day as I was watching a health show they were talking about juicing vegetables to get your 4-5 vegetables a day because we ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH NUTRIENTS. Which helps combat cancer cells, put a glow in your skin, cleanse the uterus of a woman, and help repair all the neglect we have done to ourselves over the years? Here is the AHA! Moment. Why not give it a try.

So Honey Bees Organic Juices was born!